The Menu Guy
The Menu Guy takes the work out of producing a menu. We do it all, from the simple menu to the most complex. We help you choose a design, then make it a reality. Do you prefer a laminated menu? A bi-fold or tri-fold or spiral bound? Or do you prefer the folder type with inserts?

Our specialty is FREE RESTAURANT MENUS or greatly reduced in price.  Yes, "free or greatly reduced" to you. Our formats include a line across the bottom or down the side for business card style ads from local businesses. Want a menu without ads, no problem. See our sample menus.

You have complete control over the entire project. You have the opportunity to okay each page before printing, that means you also okay who advertises on your menu.

We have a photo gallery of food pictures to use or we can use pictures of your food.

Vicki and Max Wood own TheMenuGuy. Max did his first menu in 1989 and in 1995 began full time producing menus. Since 2008 the economy dictates we travel less.

So here is the 'deal'. Instead of me traveling and selling all the ads I can give you the tools to acquire ads on the menu. I will do all the computer work, produce the menu and deliver it to you. The end result is you will receive a free or greatly reduced menu.

Turn us loose and you will be surprised how simple it is to have a new FREE MENU or greatly reduced in price.

Take a look at some of the food pictures and sample menus, then give us a call, let's do a new menu for you.

What The Menu Guy needs to know about your restaurant

1.    Days and hours of operation?
2.    How long has the current owner been at this location?
3.    Approximate number of meals served a week or month?
4.    How many does the restaurant seat?
5.    How many menus do you have on hand today?
6.    Which meal is served the most?  Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner
7.    What are the demographics for the restaurant?
        General population, business owners, building contractors, hospital or medical staff,
        students or other.
8.    How does the restaurant fit into the community?

Years ago I did a cafe in Chula Vista, CA, the owner was involved in many community activities including  promoting more business in that part of town. Many businesses were anxious to be on the menu. 

Call the Meny Guy I can help guide through an advertising menu, it could become a free menu or greatly reduced in price.   479-459-5620
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